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I'm  available for freelance work! Use my contact links to reach me at your convenience. 

I never stop learning; I continue to figure out how to make everything better than before. Are you ready to benefit from my years of experience?

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Web Design

I am well versed in HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, PHP, & JavaScript. Because of my coding knowledge, I am proficient in custom WordPress design. I can receive or create a design and then proceed to code out the design.

Graphic Design

Art has always been my passion and has developed into my career of choice. I utilize Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Xd & more to create my compositions. I can develop brands and logos and apply those to any graphics needed from print to digital.


Fun Fact I’ve taken all the photos on my site other than the ones of myself. I have worked professionally, taking photos at events, and for use in my various graphic projects. I received formal training while working as a school photographer for Larson Brothers Studio and during my course studies. I can do simple portraits and on-site photo-shoots for a variety of events.

Video & Motion Graphics

I first believed I was going to create all kinds of movies when I grew up, but I found a more profound passion. That doesn’t mean I can’t mingle my primary interests with my current love. The result is logo motion graphics and simple videos. Sometimes you need to create a screen capture for an instructional video or film a video for a new web feature. Projects like these can be produced quickly and easily.

Dominique Maez

Learn from yesterday, fight for tomorrow, & always appreciate now.

I earned my BFA in Graphic Design & Multimedia from California State University, Fresno, in 2019. I have formal experience as a graphic & web designer beginning in May 2018. After graduation, I continued studying at Geekwise Academy with Bitwise Industries, Fresno. I am currently a Graphic Designer for Happy Beans Design Company, which is a startup created as part of a cohort for Geekwise Academy.

Not sure I can handle the project? Let me decide! I have taught myself a bit of almost everything, so I can best serve your potential needs. I love to create, and I am passionate about finding the best ways to develop my designs. If I can’t help you, I will get you in touch with someone just as passionate and dedicated to your projects as me.

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